Domestic Abuse Help and Advice

NHESC is a J9 Herts Sunflower Domestic Abuse Centre and has trained staff available during school hours.

NHESC Domestic Abuse Lead – Mrs Tracey Nicholson –

If you need help with signposting for support and advice please contact Mrs Tracey Nicholson on the above email address

Domestic Abuse is defined as: The behaviour of a person (A), towards another person (B) is domestic abuse if:
• A and B are aged 16 or over
• The behaviour is abusive.

Behaviour is abusive if it consists of any of the following:
• Physical or sexual abuse
• Violent or threatening behaviour
• Controlling or coercive behaviour
• Economic abuse
• Psychological, emotional or other abuse.

It doesn’t matter if it is a single incident or a course of conduct. It is domestic abuse.

If you are in need of urgent help, call 999

If you feel you need help, someone to talk to, to get advice, below is a list of local and national help and guidance .

Safer Places
An Independent Charity which exists to support survivors of Domestic Abuse. Included in their services are:
• Safe Accommodation
• Outreach Service
• One to one safety planning
• Signposting and support in accessing specialist agencies
• Counselling
• Personal tailored support.

24 hour helpline call 03301025811

Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline:

Confidential, free support and signposting service for anyone affected by Domestic Abuse. Well trained advisors will listen carefully and non-judgmentally and will provide information for your particular situation.

The helpline is a registered charity and tries to help reduce Domestic Abuse, FGM, Forced Marriage, Honour based Abuse and Domestic Homicide under the Herts Sunflower Partnership.

Contact 08 088 088 088 Mon 0 Fri 9-9pm, weekends 9-4

IDVA – Independent Domestic Violence Advisors:
Are a specialist support service who are independent from the criminal justice system.

Included in their services are:
• Help with safety plans at every stage
• Help with child protection issues
• Work closely with other agencies and support organisations to make sure all needs are met.
• Give details for survivors to get advice on housing, immigration, benefits and employment.
• Work closely with other agencies or support organisations to make sure all needs are met
• Offer emotional support for as long as it is needed.

Contact 03007906772 Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

Information for children affected by Domestic Abuse can be found at: