Friday Afternoon Enrichment Activities at NHESC

Enrichment describes activities which NHESC provide in order to extend
students’ education beyond their main course of study. The commitment to
providing opportunities for broadening students’ educational experience is
widespread throughout their time at NHESC

At NHESC across both sites and all Key Stages we deliver a Mentoring and Enrichment programme that consists of our students meeting with their mentor for a 20 minute mentoring session to discuss the week they have had in and out of school. It’s a chance for the students to discuss achievements, problems, concerns and the week ahead. This is followed by a practical session where the students pick for a half term an activity that they enjoy or may have never had the opportunity to take part in before.

Activities that the students have taken part in this this academic year are Pool, Table Tennis, Nintendo Wii Dance Fit, Racket Ball, Basketball, Boxing, Kettle Bell Classes, Table Football, Board Games, Chess & Drafts, Arts and Crafts, Cooking Club, Lego Therapy and Photography Club. These clubs offer the students opportunities to build positive relationships with staff and students that might not necessarily be in their timetabled lessons.