About Our Family and Community Work

Parent engagement will be a key focus for NHESC since the relief of lockdown.

Our Family and Community Lead will be offering half termly drop-in coffee mornings from next term. The focus of these sessions will be about building positive communications, establishing respectful working relationships and opening lines of communication with our families to see where and how we can support them in the future. These in turn will feed into informing us about gaps in knowledge and areas of need which direct the topic for a ‘workshop/ focus session’ later in the same half term.

Subject areas of the focus groups we will be hoping to put in place will be: Emotion Regulation; living with ASD/ ADHD; upskilling adults for work placements; depression and anxiety. Hopefully the uptake of all these sessions will be good. Some parents have requested these on a 1-2-1 base and these have been very successful.

From Feedback from those who have attended, we are hoping that it will help to break down any barriers between home and school and parents will leave with a more positive view of their child’s education. We are sure that parents who attend will be more supportive of us and our ethos and the consistency in which behaviours’ are managed (at home and school) has improved.

Look out for dates and times of the sessions planned for next term.