Autumn Term

  • Introduction to computers
  • Acceptable use policy
  • Website creation

Autumn Half Term

  • Types of software
  • Modelling
  • Binary and Micro:bit

Spring term

  • Environmental issues
  • Presentation Skills
  • Use of software tools

Spring Half Term

  • Problem solving and logical thinking
  • Programming
  • Use of desktop publishing

Summer Term

  • Producing a game using programming and animation.

Summer Half Term

  • Data Storage Processing using Spreadsheets
  • Presentation of spreadsheets.

Assessment details

Students will undertake a written end of half term test.

Staff Roles

SF will lead all Key Stage 3 Computing Lessons.

Equipment/Health and Safety

All equipment needed for Computing lessons will be provided by Stevenage ESC.

How will it be examined?

All topics and skills covered could be used for functional skills and GCSE computing examinations.