Course Title
Key Stage 3 Arts Award Bronze (Level 1) carries 6 QCF credits and requires students to; take part in the arts, review an arts event, research an artist or crafts person and pass on their arts skills to others. Each student chooses their own starting point; these are diverse and based on the interests and pursuits of the individual. Arts Award’s unique qualifications supports students to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through setting personal challenges in an art form of their choice.   By linking individually chosen topics and choice of materials to artists of the 20th Century this qualification and the work students produce can feed into GCSE Art if this is to be pursued in Years 10 and 11  
Assessment details
Autumn Term To gain an understanding of the Bronze. Mark Making. Explore techniques of applying paint without using brushes. Mod-roc. Health and safety of materials. Air dry clay. Exhibition visit.Spring Term Explore an artist of individual choosing. Identify an artist image to use for fabric paint. Block images and printing. Lino printing. Silhouettes.Summer Term Recycled materials. Decoupage. Matisse in his paper cut phase. Share skills with a member of staff.
Above is an example of what has been delivered in the past, but this will be individualised dependent on individual student’s interests, abilities and length of programme at NHESC. To gain a pass, students must complete at least three of the four units and have attempted the fourth. Due to the nature of the cohort portfolios are submitted for postal assessment to Trinity College