Back on Track

We are offering an opportunity for students to re-engage with education through the removal of barriers to learning.

Outline of the Unit / Topic

Back on Track will provide four sessions per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, for two hours every half-term.

First we will identify the barriers to learning. We will then create a profile with each student which provided their school with strategies to support the student. We will work alongside the school and devise a personalised learning plan.

The subjects covered are: English, Maths, Social Development and Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

The topics are:


Stone Cold, Wonder and Holes-Diary writing, letter writing, storyboard sequencing, book review. All using narrative writing techniques.


Four rules of Number, word problems, area and perimeter, percentages, mode, median, mean and range.


Relationships, Drug Awareness, Knife Awareness and Self-Regulation. Social and Development – Talking and Listening activities.

Assessment Details

  • On entry assessments
  • Exit assessments
  • Observations
  • Steps for GCSE in English and Maths

Staff Roles

Tina Stanley – Back on Track Lead

How will it be examined?

During the final week, we will evaluate each student and provide the school with a personalised and detailed report. We will attend with the school, parents and student during the last week for their reintegration meeting. We will support the parents with referrals for GP appointments, Child Development Centre and Specialised Support Worker referrals (GLAS). We organise meetings with parents and schools during their time at SESC to update them on the progress their child is making.

Finally, we will conduct weekly or fortnightly follow up meetings with each of the students. During each session, we will check behaviour logs, achievement points/credits and set a target for each student to achieve within the following week.