A centre of excellence for inspiring successful futures

NHESC responds creatively to individual needs, teaching social and life skills and developing resilience. Offering a bespoke programme of teaching and learning empowering our young people to succeed.

Our Values

Respect, Teamwork, High Aspirations, Tolerance, Accountability, Challenge

Changing Lives and Futures

Here at the ESC we strive to make huge changes to the lives of the young
people that we serve in order for them to have a more positive and aspirational
future. We are determined to offer all students the best education, the best
educational experiences and developing the student as a whole through our
excellent social development work.

At the ESC we provide students with real life qualifications that will take them
to the next stage in their learning journey, whilst offering and supporting their
practical development in areas such as Barbering, Catering and the Building

Alongside these vocational offers, we also believe that literacy can form the
basis of a young persons’ success in later life. The ability for a young person to
be able to read age-appropriate texts, engage in their curriculum and be able to
articulate themselves in debate are at the core of the ESC’s values.

Praise and rewards are used widely and often with students. We believe that
rewarding students for positive behaviour, outstanding work and social
development are key to ensuring we are changing the lives and futures of our
young people. Some of the rewards we offer include Amazon Vouchers, Trips
and meals at restaurants.

Another area we believe is crucial to the holistic development of a student is
the PSHCE curriculum. We explicitly teach this during timetabled lessons but
support this with our Form Time Programme where we look at topics such as
Equality, British Values, Keeping Safe, Literacy and Culture. The table below
gives you an example of the themes we discuss and the Assembly that supports
the learning. This theme would then be looked at during Form Time with
activities such as The Big Question where students have the chance to debate
and discuss this weeks’ theme.

Religious StudiesPancake Day/Lent
LiteracyWorld Book Day
EqualityInternational Women’s Day
British ValuesRule of Law
Mental Health and WellbeingSleep
Staying SafeKnife Crime