Staff List 2021-2022   

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Executive Head Mr D. Nearney Strategic
Head Of Centre Mrs S. Hughes Safeguarding DSL
SLT Ms K. Robinson Assistant Head KS4, Deputy DSL, Careers and Work Experience Lead
Mr D. Lewis Assistant Headteacher KS3, Deputy DSL
Mrs R. Pieterse Assistant Head, Centre Business Manager
Heads of Department & Teaching Staff Mr P. Thompson HoD Maths, Teaching &Learning Lead
Mr J. Anson HoD English, Literacy Lead
Miss C. Charalambou HoD, Art & Design, Practical Horticulture, Mental Health Lead
Mr T. Clark HoD PE, Off-Site Visits Lead, Duke of Edinburgh Lead, PSHE Lead
Mrs H. Emery HoD Hair & Beauty, ASD Lead, SENCO, Deputy DSL
  Mrs K. Croft

KS3/KS4 Teacher, LGBTQI Rainbow Award Lead

Mrs B. LaFrancesa KS3/KS4 Teacher


Mrs L. Burkhart Secondary Outreach Targeted Support Worker  
Outreach Team Mrs C. Clarke Secondary Outreach Targeted Support Worker
Curriculum Senior Support Mrs L. Star

Pastoral Lead, Parent Support Worker, Deputy DSL

Bereavment advsisor, Restart Lead

Classroom Support Mrs M. Allen

Teaching Assistant, Website, Safeguarding & GDPR Admin Lego Therapy Assistant

Mr T. O’Gorman Teaching Assistant
Mr M. Oakes Instructor/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Salmon Teaching Assistant
Miss L. Kingsley Teaching Assistant
Mrs T. Nicholson HLTA, Domestic Abuse Champion
Mrs C. Bryder-Freedman Teaching Assistant, Lego Therapy Assistant
Mr D. Nye Internal Verifier
Admin Team Mrs L. Brown HR & Exams Admin
Mrs L. Carroll Student Services Lead, Health & Safety and Premises Admin
Miss Z. Saunders Student Services, Data and Events Admin
Miss T. Sterry Finance Admin
NH Primary Support Services Team

Mr J. Hansford

Mrs R. McFayden

Primary Outreach Lead Co-ordinator 

  Miss N. Krishman Primary Outreach Support Worker 
  Mrs A. Hussain Primary Outreach Support Worker 
  Miss T. Potter Primary Outreach Support Worker, Family Worker 
  Mrs F. Romain Primary Outreach Support Worker (Mon – Fri)
  Mrs E. Goddard Primary Outreach Support Worker, Family Worker 
  Mrs S. Archer Primary Outreach Support Worker, Family Worker 
  Miss L. Hamilton Primary Outreach Support Worker
  Mrs S. Young Primary outreach Admin